How I can qualifiy for the Euro Champs 2018

The European Championship 2018 will take place in Morzine (France) on July 7, 2018. To take part in the wave Championship and to have the opportunity to win the prizes, you will need to qualify:

There are two ways to qualify:

  1. Be part of the TOP 10 riders in the men's or women's elite category at any European Spartan Race event and receive an email invitation.
  2. Be one of the Top Spartan Race Athletes who received an invitation directly from Spartan Race. We are talking about champions and possible Olympic medalists ... Winning the 5km of your city will not be enough.

All events between 7 September 2017 and the Saturday before the European Championships will be able to offer the possibility to win a ticket for the race.

If a rider in the TOP 10 of a race has already received an invitation, the 11th of the race will receive the entry ticket. It will be the same for the 12th if 2 riders in the TOP 10 have already had an entry ticket before.

*qualification notifications for the 2018 European Championship and the 2018 World Championship will be sent via email starting January 2018

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