Course Marshal FAQs

What is the roll of a Course Marshal?


The Marshalls are the referees of the race. They have the right and the duty to judge the participants during the race. They are assisted by volunteers and form a team on each of the obstacles.

The Marshalls are distributed to their obstacle before the start of the race

Mission cards and training are provided before and everyone will be briefed pre-race. They are present throughout the hole day on obstacles and control obstacles.

They are in permanent contact with the area managers who are their referents and link to the race direction.

The Marshalls are supposed to enforce the rules and inform the head marshal about any misbehavior.

The Marshall must guide the volunteers and work with them! They form a referee team and have similar power in judgment and penalties. The Volunteer reports important information to the Marshalls.

Every country has a head marshal who organizes and coordinates all course marshals during race day


What does a course marshal get for one day of work?

You will be working the hole day.


  • 75 € per day (need to be at a minimum of 2 race day during the year)
  • You will be paid a little less on your first event to show your commitment and for a informational course by our head marshal Antonello
  • 30% discount on a next race
  • 10% off at the merchandising on site
  • 1 Marshall Shirts and a cap


How can I become a course marshal?

 Do a 2 hour Information course one day before the event.This course takes place on site on the Friday before the event.

What awaits you in the 2 hour course before the event?

 Our Head Marshal Antonello will inform you about all news related to the Regelment and Camera System. In addition, he will answer any questions to avoid ambiguity on the Raceday and prepare you perfectly for your job as a Marshal course.

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