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Volunteering at a Spartan Race is extremely rewarding and you don't need previous experience to take part in this journey with us. We want you to be highly enthusiastic, motivated and to feel comfortable volunteering in a fast-paced working environment and most importantly, to have lots of fun and have a great experience.

Volunteering at a Spartan Race will give you unprecedented behind the scenes access to a race weekend. Not only do you get a free race pass, but you also get major bragging rights.



Follow These Simple Steps!

Step 1:be sure to read through the Spartan volunteer faqs.

Step 2: select the race you are interested in to participate as a volunteer, and then fill out your information in mytrumin, our registration platform. Make sure to pay special attention when typing your email address, because this is how we will get in touch with you.

You will hear from your volunteer coordinator well in advance before the event, to then decide what shift you will work in and what missions you are up to.

You will receive periodic updates and final information from your volunteer coordinator the month before the race.

Step 3: pay close attention to your email inbox, especially as the race gets closer. Your volunteer coordinator will send you all final details, etc.

Step 4: Show Up! If you sign up, we’re planning with you! So we need you to really show up! If you don’t show up the race day without previous notification to us, not only does this potentially have a negative impact on the event operations but also we will need to register that for future sign up as a volunteer for you. But most important- you miss a unique opportunity.

I have a question that wasn’t answered in the faq, how do i contact the specific volunteer coordinator for my race?

All volunteer coordinators can be reached at Just make sure to include the race location you are interested in when you email.



For volunteer days previous to the race day(s): the missions to be done will be to help with all sorts of preparations: pre race packet preparations, branding, bag check, finish line, registration area, building tents, put fences…

Race Days:  we will have different missions to be done. Those missions will be chosen for the volunteers. We will try to respect all the choices but we can make any change depending on the circumstances of the event. Those missions can be:

Start-line: the volunteers need to control the access of the athletes. Also they are doing body marking to everyone who wants.

Finish-line: the volunteers will give the provisioning with their t-shirt and medal.

Registration: this is the area where volunteers hand out the bib numbers to the athletes. You have to know how to use a tablet and a little informatics knowledge is welcomed.

Junior: the volunteers will be in charge of the Spartan Race Junior race and they will be on the circuit helping in different positions.


Bag Check: Volunteers pick up the bags and give them back after to their owners after the race.


Festival: Helping in the festival area like giving flyers, giving information to everyone, doing body marking, helping in the showers with the pressure washers,  helping in the trifecta tent or helping in the corporate tent …


Obstacles: Volunteers will be in the different obstacles in the race course, they have to check for rule enforcement, proper flow of the race and work with the team leaders


Gladiators: If you would like to be gladiator, you have to apply by sending an email to the volunteers email address, ideally already including a picture of you. We are looking for creative and funny people.

The minimum age to assist as a volunteer is 16 years of age. Every person who is under 18 will have to bring an authorization of their parents or tutor, otherwise they can´t participate to the event as a volunteer.

On site:

  • Everyone has to sign in in the beginning of the day and sign off at the end.
  • Every volunteer will receive a lunch pack and t-shirt.
  • Volunteers will have a team leader close to them who will look after them.
  • Volunteer must bring a bag pack to carry all their stuff. And keep it safe.
  • Also you must bring warm and ideally waterproof clothing just in case of cold or rainy weather. When it will be really sunny don’t forget your sun cream protection
  • Every volunteer is responsible of his belongings and has to look after himself/herself.
  • In case of accident the race insurance will cover you.
  • Every single volunteer will be responsible to don’t mess the environment and in case to see any participant who is throwing rubbish on the floor have to communicate to the organization for their disqualification
  • The volunteers must bring the day of the event their event pass or waiver which means their registration as a volunteer.
  • Make sure you know how to do a proper burpee!



Every volunteer receives a free race code after supporting the Spartan Race. The following terms of uses apply:

  1. The code needs to be used for events within 12 months from the day of your volunteer event. If you don’t use the code for races within that time, it is not valid anymore.
  2. You receive your code after your volunteer day.
  3. The codes can be used for any race in your local country. But if you have special interest to race in other country you need to write to the volunteers email and send them your request for international race like Spain, Andorra, France orItaly. Please include your free entry code into that email, so that we can send you a new code for your preferred race.
  4. With one volunteer day you can race with that code a Super or Sprint Race. If you would like to run Beast you have to do two days of volunteering.(In Austria you can run the Beast with on code you got in DE or At)
  5. You can give the code to a partner or friend but you can’t sell your free entry code. In case that the organisation sees that a volunteer is selling a free code we will cancel the registration and you will be not allowed to race or volunteer at a Spartan Race anymore.
  6. Once you have used your code., you are not allowed to exchange again the code for another race.

How to use a code:

  • Go to the official website
  • Go to the race finder and select the race that you want to race.
  • On the top, click on register now.
  • Fill in all your race details and click continue to the payment page.
  • Then you will find a blank asking for promotion code.
  • You insert your promotion code and the price will recalculate to 0.






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