What do I have to bring to the Spartan Race and when should I be there on race day? (Race documents)

On site you need:
  • Photo ID
  • Chronotrack barcode (printed or digital phone, smartphone etc.)
    If you can not find the barcode anymore, you can re-view it at any time in your Chronotrack profile.
  • Some countries also require a "medical certificate" (not in DE / AT)

    You should be there at least 1-2 hours before your personal start time, depending on the distance you have traveled - you will find your start heat together with the barcode in your Chronotrack confirmation email. In this way, traffic obstructions and unforeseen events are just nice obstacles on the way to the tortures that await you in the race.

    There is also plenty to do at the start of the event in the waiting time for the start. Boring you will not be here.

    Approximately 2 weeks before each event an option will be activated on the event website. You can find this if you click on the button "Bib-Info".

    You will receive further details and information by email in advance of the event.
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