How to know my start time and where to find my barcode.

To know your start time and barcode there are 2 possibilities.


2 weeks before each event, we release the "BiB Tool" on our website under the respective event. Here you enter your data and can then see your starting time. See photo:





Directly after your registration you got a confirmation email.
The sender is:
Athlinks <>

In this email you will find next to the barcode which you need for the registration also the start time. You will also find the barcode at any time in your profile on Chronotrack on the bill.

Example: see picture below
(Multi Race Pass/Event Pass) can have a different confirmation email)


If you can not find the email, please check the spam order first. The email will be sent automatically upon completion of your registration. If there is no email to be found there, please send an email to the Customer Service with the following information:

Email to (country) - for

Please send the confirmation email again

Email from registration at Chronotrack:
Spartan Race Format:
Spartan Race Venue:

In the case of several registrations of one person we also need the following data for the other persons.
Emailadresse of Registration at Chronotrack:


An example of an extract of the start time from the confirmation email:




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