Rluebook inkl. Penalties / Strafzeiten

Jeder Teilnehmer  des Elite und Age Gorup Heats ist selbst dafür verantwortlich die allgemeinen Regeln  zu kennen und einzuhalten.
Unter folgendem link findest du das allgemeine Regelwerk.


Auszug bezüglich Penailties:

​3.18.1​ During post race review, a time penalty shall be imposed for each missed or  improper burpee executed by a competitor, with the penalties being: 
a) 30 seconds per missed burpee up to 5 minutes or 10 reps for at Sprint, Super,  Beast and Ultra events; and  
b) 2.5 minutes or 5 reps at Stadion events. 
​3.18.2​ If a competitor misses more than 10 burpees at a single obstacle at Sprint,  Super, Beast and Ultra events, or 5 burpees at Stadion events, they shall have a 10  minute penalty added to their finish time.  
​3.18.3​ Prior to race results being considered final, an official video review process  should take place. Because of this, an event’s final results may not be posted on-site  immediately, pending the outcome of this official review.  
​3.18.4​ During the official video review process Race Officials reserve the right to  assess penalties including, but not limited to, a time penalty of 10 minutes or  disqualification for obstacle failures and/or infractions. 
​3.18.5​ Penalties given during this review are made available inside the Results Tent  throughout the official video review process.  
​3.18.6​ Race Officials are not obligated to review or consider any video or still image  captured by competitors, spectators or persons not acting in an official capacity  during the video review process.  

​3.19.1​ A competitor protest period for penalties, timing and results, disqualifications,  or other penalties issued starts immediately after a competitor crosses the finish line  and ends 15 minutes prior to the official award ceremony time for their respective  Category.  
​3.19.2​ It is each competitor’s sole responsibility to check for any penalties  administered to them by the Head Official, up to 15 minutes prior to the official  awards ceremony for their Category, in the event they would like to protest any such  penalties.  
​3.19.3​ Any protest a competitor may wish to raise regarding penalties, or other issues  that affect the outcome of the race, must be brought to the Head Official during the  protest period. In some circumstances the Head Official may extend a protest period  beyond the award ceremony at their sole discretion.   
3.19.4​ Spartan reserves the right to continue penalty resolutions post-event, and  change race standings or race day decisions indefinitely after an event in cases of  unsportsmanlike conduct and/or intentional or malicious breaking of the rules,  including but not limited to the failing of any Anti-Doping and Drug Control  protocols administered by Spartan or a third party designated as an official drug  tester by Spartan. 

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